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The Jumbot is an artificial intelligence project for Half-Life. It acts as another player in multiplayer games of Half-Life and allows you to simulate a multiplayer experience without having to go online. It can play standard deathmatch, teamplay, and even cooperatively.

Project News:
 7-07-08 ==
3:00 pm (EST): Reading crap that I wrote 8 years ago on here is kind of surreal in some way. So some guy e-mailed me today wanting to use the Jumbot, and I took a look and saw all of the various HL/Steam changes had mangled it to a level of unusability. Quite awesomely there doesn't seem to be any documentation whatsoever on how the map list stuff works now, so I ended up disassembling the GUI module and found that there's a liblist.gam option to fallback to a content folder. That is still a little broken because it shows all of the SP maps in the list now. But at least it works. I also jammed the old Scientist Hunt client dll in here to fix the bow/magnum zoom. So you can get this new hobble-fixed version of the Jumbot from the links on the left (

 5-13-02 ==
12:30 pm (EST): While I am no longer actually working on the Jumbot, it appears some d00dm4n has crafted an external plugin-type fix to correct the problem in the Jumbot with the crossbow (and magnum? I have no idea) not zooming in, which apparently came up after a patch at some point. You can get this fix I guess by checking out [DEAD LINK] in the forum. I haven't actually tried it myself though, so if it makes your computer shoot glass into your face don't blame me.

 1-21-01 ==
9:00 am (EST): scary_jeff has been kind enough to put up a section on his web site to hold Jumbot route files (JRFs), so I've added a link to it under the "Other stuff" section on this page.

 10-27-00 ==
5:00 pm (EST): As those of you who actually read the forum area may have noticed, I said that I was going to start working on a new Jumbot version with a significant amount of features and improvements a decent amount of time ago. Well, I did just that, and now I have a nice large release for all five of you who still play standard Half-Life DM/teamplay (or even coop, though I recommend Scientist Hunt if that is indeed your "thing"). This release is pretty impressive in general, if you ask me, and boasts some fairly complex features. Just have a look for yourself:
A new bot leader/squad system has been added. In teamplay games, squad leaders will be assigned and will tell other bots in their squad what to do by using chat commands. Players can also easilly take control of a squad leader or the members of a squad by using the bot ordering chat commands (listed in the readme.txt). celtic88 (over at the Bot Epidemic) inadvertently reminded me that I wanted to add this feature a while ago.

Bots will now snipe on purpose (as an option). If bot sniping is enabled, sniper bots will be issued randomly. Sniper bots will go after a sniper weapon if it is on the map (the crossbow) and then go to a snipe point and sit there sniping at enemies as long as their sniping conditions remain acceptable (meaning they have enough health, ammo, are not in the middle of reloading, etc).

Bots can now camp better (as an option). If bot camping is enabled, camper bots will be issued randomly. Camper bots find powerful weapons and/or items and camp on them by moving only within a certain distance from the weapon or item and frequently sitting by the item and looking at possible directions an attacker could approach from. Camping was suggested by TriNitro.

I've added a new option, which I will refer to as the "realistic game option". If you enable this option, it will sort of automate everything and make things seem more like a real server. Bots will chat randomly to each other, leave and join at random, and quite a few other things. The cvar for this mode is bot_realgame.

A moron type bot has been created for the realistic mode. Moron bots will be added every once in a while when realistic mode is on. These bots use completely seperate configuration files for their names and chat abilities, and will also tend to do horrible stupid things (some of these things are done "accidentally on purpose").

Chat capabilities have been extended. Bots talk to each other, greet each other, say good bye to each other, and more things which I've forgotten about. Moron bots also utilize all of the new chat features.

Added a morons.cfg file and a exchat.cfg file, which allows the user to customize all of the new chat options for bots and moron bots.

Bots can now better avoid snipers and other unseeable enemies by using evasive navigation routines while under fire.

Bot hearing has been tweaked so that the bot's hearing distance is more realistic (in accordance to that of a player's).

Higher-skilled bots can now avoid grenades, satchels, and other objects with the flag of evilness by making more intelligent path decisions. This can be disabled by using the newly added bot_objavoid cvar.

When friendly fire is on in teamplay, bots will make an effort to not hit teammates in the way while engaging in combat with an enemy.

Turret usage/aim has been improved.

Lower-skilled bots will sometimes stop strafing and sit still while shooting at their opponent. This addition was suggested by snakebite.

Added a botorders.cfg file, which holds order-acknowledgement lines for teamplay bots (meaning what they say when you tell them to do something). Can be edited to the will of the user.

Ledge checking has been improved, so bots will no longer go off of ledges anywhere unless the decision to do so is made purposefully (that means they only will if the waypoint trail says it's alright).

Bot accuracy now better factors in the movement of both the bot and the bot's target.

A makewp_snipe command has been added to allow the user to easilly add good sniper points to JRF files in edit mode. The way this command works will also allow users to easilly create sniper points in existing JRF files with very little effort and without changing any other part of the JRF file.

The old chat file format is now obsolete. exchat.cfg is the new version of "botchat.cfg". The new format is much more stable and easy to edit.

Got rid of a possible memory leak in the chat routine.

Got rid of a possible memory leak in the general bot info routines.
I am sure that at least one of those lovingly crafted features must catch your attention. On a side note, you may have noticed that I've removed all the links to launchers on the side of the page. This is not because I do not appreciate the efforts of the nice people who create launchers for others to use, but rather because most/all of the launchers are outdated (especially now with the revamping of the chat system), and the majority of problem e-mail I get is related to the various launcher programs out there. If you want to customize and/or use the bot, all you really need to do is read the readme.txt and have a copy of notepad.exe (or any text editor) on your system.

Oh, I'd also like to note that this version has gone through approximately 30 hours of stability testing. Here are the tests accompanied by screenshots of the results (aside from test 4, since it's fairly hard to take a shot of that):
Test 01 - 31 bots on boot_camp (teamplay) - 10 hours
Test 02 - 15 bots on stalkyard (deathmatch) - 10 hours
Test 03 - 31 bots, bot_realgame set to 1, on boot_camp (deathmatch) - 2 1/2 hours
Test 04 - 15 bots with timelimit set to 30 (deathmatch) - 10 hours
So, as you can see, the bot is completely stable (it did indeed pass all of these tests without crashing once or showing any sign of a problem). If you manage to make it crash, I can pretty much guarantee it's because of something you did in your configuration files that you should not have done.

Another thing I would like to point out is the new FAQ section linked from the side of the page. If you are having any sort of problem at all, read that before e-mailing me, or I will just have to delete your e-mail immediately and go cry in the corner for several minutes.

I suppose that is all. Just to note, I am now going to try to shift all of my programming efforts toward the hidebot for SoF to get it into a nicer state. That means that I am no longer looking for any suggestions or feature requests for the Jumbot (all of you had your chance, after all, as I did make a post in the forum requesting suggestions for features in the Jumbot while I was working on v2.4). Anyway, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to use the forum area. Before going there, however, please be warned that the forum area is a horrible place full of terrible and abusive people (Hondo and I, that is).

 8-22-00 ==
8:30 pm (EST): I've spent the past day or two working on improving the Jumbot in various ways that it has needed improvement in badly for quite a while, and I'm releasing version 2.3. I suppose this has ended up being one of the largest releases in a long time (if not the largest so far, in fact), and it has a lot of nice new things. Here's a list of what's new:
Gauss jumping has been improved, and bots will use it to take shortcuts if they have somewhere they want to be (they will gauss jump straight up toward the turrets in doublecross instead of taking the ladder up, for example). [as seen here]

Bots will now use the longjump module during straight navigation routines if they have it, in order to cover long distances faster.

Bots know how to destroy breakable objects (such as glass, vent covers, etc) and will do so if it is appropriate. This will allow them to get many more places than before (they'll also go into the vent area in stalkyard now by breaking it open with the crowbar).

The waypoint system has had a major fix-up, and the entire edit system has had many improvements and a partial rewrite. Waypoints can now be added and removed in the middle of trails easilly, and you can get information about any waypoint on the level by looking at it.

Bots now react to sound and sight when using health/suit chargers.

Fixed an overflow error happening on some levels at the start.

Many optimizations to the horrible AI (should provide a good speed increase). Unfortunately, even when the bots only makes two traces per frame (which is really pretty minimal), it can cut the framerate down horribly when you've got 15 or so bots in the game. If you would like more information on how to speed things up (in case you aren't fortunate enough to be using a P3 1GHZ like me), then you can take a look at the readme.txt's updated troubleshooting and performance section.

The AI for when a bot should engage in straight combat has been improved, so bots will have a better sense of when to run and when to not.

Object avoidance during navigation has been improved a lot, so bots shouldn't really get stuck at all anywhere if the JRF is done well enough.

Combat AI has finally been improved. Bots should not get stuck on things so much when after a target (I am sorry for not touching that for so long).

Bots can handle broken routes. This means that if the bot cannot reach its destination point, it will figure out a different place to go (results in bots working much better on levels with filthy poorly-done route files).

Added a bot_wprecalc option. This ignores all standard waypoint stuff on level load and calculates seperate paths and trails upon loading the waypoint file. This can help the way bots behave with some very badly done JRF files, though it can also cause them to behave in a less desirable way. There is also the fact that it eats up a lot of CPU power, so it is disabled by default.

Rocket launcher usage has been improved somewhat, so bots are now even less likely to murder themselves by shooting rockets against walls.

The included stalkyard JRF has been redone to take advantage of many new features.

The level is now automatically restarted after a waypoint file is saved.

Bots will no longer get stuck on lifts and ladders while running away from other players/bots.

The readme.txt's waypoint information section has been updated with all the information you'll need to take advantage of the new navigation features.
So, there you go. As always, post any comments, suggestions, or anything else in the forums.

 7-20-00 ==
10:00 pm (EST): I've been getting a decent number of requests to put the team ordering things from Scientist Hunt's Jumbots into the standard Jumbot for teamplay, so I have (and I've added more onto it as well). You can get the new version (2.2) here. Here's what's new, directly from the readme.txt:

Added teamplay bot ordering and teaching. You can use chatting to order bots to do a good number of things, including watch what you do and remember it. You can also order bots to go after specific bots (or players) on the other team, which is a completely new addition to the Jumbot ordering system (which was ported over from the SH Jumbot, in case you did not know). See the readme.txt's "Team bot cooperation" section for a list of commands and other information.

Fixed a possible error in angle correction.

Fixed a possible error in the route distance calculation function.

Remember, post all of your comments and questions (and anything else) at the forum.

6:00 pm (EST): For those of you who don't check the main page, you may be interested in knowing that I now have a forum area set up. Please go there to talk about the Jumbot and other things (or if you're having a problem of some sort), as I'd much rather you do that than e-mail me (not that I do not like e-mail at all, but doing things on a forum will reduce the chance of the same question being asked more than once and such). So, then, go post things at the forum area and make Hondo and I happy.

 7-19-00 ==
1:00 pm (EST): Some people have been complaining about the Jumbot not doing well on some levels with the later releases. It's because of the smoothed out navigation movement. It doesn't work quite perfectly with some existing route files. To disable it, simply set bot_smoothnav (I think that's the cvar) to 0.

 6-28-00 ==
5:30 pm (EST): I'm releasing version 2.1 of the Jumbot. As the all-knowing readme says, "Various bug fixes have been made, and changes have been made to the readme.txt regarding the additional lift/moving platform support that was added a couple versions ago. The main fix allows the bots to finally run at the proper speed again (a bug that was introduced with v1.1.0.0 of HL)." Thanks to Harry Teasley, Leon Hartwig, and anyone else who may have had a hand in it for the solving of the bot speed issue. One other slightly large thing of the minor fixes is that bots can now be added with waypoints off and nav_autogen on (I got a number of e-mails relating to that). Of course, I think you're insane if you like playing without waypoints, but everyone has their own opinion. Anyway, enjoy.

 6-11-00 ==
3:30 am (EST): Sorry for taking so long to get this out. I had it ported to Valve's new SDK base in less than a day, but it's taken me a while to try to sort through the problems they created. Mainly just the vertical angle thing (thanks to Hondo for attempting to help me with that and putting my mind in the correct thinking state). Anyway, you can get version 2.0 of the Jumbot here. Here's what's new:

The bot works with Valve's stupid new patch.

I've fixed and optimized a bunch of things and got rid of some no-longer-needed hacks that I'd made to fix old SDK problems.

Code is cleaner and marked well for easy porting to mods/other code bases.

Inside the pervert mound. It's such a perfect sound. Inside her perfect mind. Inside the pervert mound.

 6-5-00 ==
4:30 pm (EST): I've been meaning to get this out for quite some time, but I wanted to check and see if it worked with the upcoming HL patch first. Of course, the patch didn't arrive on time. Yes, Valve actually did not release a patch at the intended time and date. It's terribly shocking, I know. But maybe we'll get lucky, and when the patch is finally released, it will destroy compatibility with all current mods completely! Yes, it would be just like Valve to do something nice like that for the "mod community", wouldn't i--::cough:: Well, then, I'll just stop my Valve-hating and give a list of new features in Jumbot v1.9 (this is probably the largest release in quite some time, as I've had a few hours to work on it):

General bot movement is now smoother and more human-like (optional with the bot_smoothnav cvar).

Bot aiming has been tweaked to look more smooth and human-like as well.

Moving platform/better lift support has been added.

Fixed up the horrible, horrible FOV code (which also fixed a bug with turret usage).

Many things have been done to drastically increase the speed of the bot (CPU-wise).

Skill 4 bots no longer have absolutely perfect accuracy (it was beginning to annoy even me).

Bots strafe in combat more intelligently.

Bots don't get added in waypoint edit mode. Perhaps this will cut down on the "HEY WEHN I JUMP THERE AER THINGS UNDRE ME AND TEH BOTS R ALL STPUID WHY?????" e-mail. Yes, how I love getting e-mail from those who do not understand what a readme.txt file is.

Fixed up the strafe-troubleshoot routine.

Fixed up tracking-of-immediate-enemy routine.

Changed method of getting items.

Fixed a possible cause for program crashing (though I don't recall it ever actually causing a crash, it's possible it could've).

So, there you go. Enjoy.

 6-4-00 ==
3:30 am (EST): I've been meaning to mention this for quite some time. JumMaps has reopened and is doing JRF/map reviews again. Most of you who bother with checking this page probably already know that, but I figured I'd give it a mention anyway.

 5-2-00 ==
2:30 pm (EST): It seems someone is claiming to be able to make OpFor/CS/TFC/etc. versions of the Jumbot. That's technically impossible at the moment, and I will offer no support for the distribution of the Jumbot which supposedly allows this. It is technically possible to use the maps from those mods with the Jumbot, but weapons, game rules, and everything else, will not be there. I offer no technical support for any version of the Jumbot other than the one that can be downloaded directly from this web page, and I really don't advise you to use any other distribution.

 4-10-00 ==
9:30 pm (EST): It's been a while since the last release, and I figured I probably wouldn't even be making another. But, I found a few issues (while waypointing what is probably the largest Half-Life level I've seen so far) and decided to fix up some things and release version 1.8 of the Jumbot. Here's what's new:

Boosted the waypoint limit from 1024 to 4096 (though I don't think you'll ever need that many on any level).

Added a "wp_vis 2" option, so that waypoints will only be drawn in edit mode if they're already visible to you. This eliminates the pesky "flickering" which can happen if you have a lot of waypoints on a level. It does put a load on the processor, though, so you'll probably notice some lag if you use it.

Compiled with MSVC++ 6.0 Pro rather than 5.0 (I don't know how much of a difference if any this makes, but it does decrease the DLL size a significant amount).

That's all. Enjoy.

 3-1-00 ==
4:00 am (EST): I decided to put the SCSI card and such in this computer. After a frightening event, RHL is set up and fully working on the SCSI drive. The only thing I'm having a hard time with is getting the cable modem to work under Linux. I know I entered the DNS address and my own IP address properly, and I've also set the adapter up correctly. I think I did, at least. I'm assuming all I needed to do was select the type (tulip in my case, as it is what the manufacturer of my card says to use) and then eth0, as I only have one card in my system. Then I set the default gateway as it should be, saved changes, and restarted. If I even try to ping the IP I've given myself (which is what it should be to work across the cable network) it immediately says it is unreachable without any delay. Does anyone have any idea why this is at all? On the good side, I'm able to run programs (such as the HL server) fine and shall begin working on editing the Jumbot code for porting soon, as the compiler seems to be relatively logical to use.

 2-27-00 ==
6:30 am (EST): I've been wanting to get this release out for quite some time now. So, here is version 1.7 of the Jumbot. Here's what's new:

Made it so default map CFG is executed every level right before level configs, so level settings can be applied on top of the default settings.

Fixed a small bug in item retrieval.

Many other bug fixes that I've forgotten about.

Added a JRF and a CFG for Gustavo16_ElimJnr.

I know I found a good amount of bugs, I just don't remember what all of them were. I tested this version extensively on many levels (or rather I was extremely bored and felt like murdering bots for a couple hours), so it should work nicely. Of course, I am never saying "this should be the last release for a while" again, since every time I do I find some horrible bug and must make another release. Anyway, enjoy. As always, those of you who already signed contracts for the Jumbot code may contact me at any time for the latest code base.

As long as I'm updating, I should also mention that I got the SCSI card yesterday. My pathetic old system is having trouble working with it due to what I suspect as being a simple resource conflict, so I shall try to get it working today if I don't fall asleep again too quickly.

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